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Residential and Commercial Inspections

At AZ Shield Home Inspections, we understand that the home inspection process can be stressful. That is why our honest and straightforward approach makes the whole process easier on the customer. Our thorough inspections and recommendations give you the peace of mind you deserve for buying and selling your property.

Three-Phase New Build Inspections

Our new build home inspections are done in three phases: the first phase is the pre-drywall inspection, which focuses on the quality of the construction before the drywall is installed. The second phase is the final walk-through inspection which focuses on the quality of construction after the build is complete. The third phase is the one year warranty inspection to ensure that after a year of enjoying your new home there are still no major defects. The one year warranty inspection will be completed prior to the one year anniversary of buying your home.

Manufactured Home Inspections

At AZ Shield Home Inspections, we also inspect manufactured homes. Part of the services we provide for manufactured homes includes  inspecting the crawl spaces, which incorporates duct work, retaining walls, insulation, signs of pest intrusion, plumbing leaks, and more. 

Thermal Imaging

We use thermal imaging in every single inspection to help rule out leaks, ensure proper installation of insulation, identify electrical issues and more. The use of thermal imaging is not common with home inspectors. Thermal imaging is a powerful tool that gives us the ability to detect issues that could not be detected otherwise. Because we want to give you the best service possible at a reasonable price, we do not charge for this service. 

Pre-listing Inspections

Selling your home can come with the uncertainty of  unforeseen problems that could affect the sale of your home. When we inspect your pre-listed home, we identify any problems that need correcting  in order to make selling your home  a worry-free process. 

Items We Inspect As A Courtesy

Unlike other home inspectors, we test irrigation systems, fencing, low voltage yard lighting and more as a courtesy to our clients at no extra cost. We go above and beyond at AZ Shield Home Inspection to help ease the stress of buying or selling a home. 

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